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In November 2008 we purchased our own 49 acre piece of paradise.

We decided to open our barn as a boarding facility as of June 1st 2015 and decided on the name Albannach Acres. Albannach is Scots Gaelic for "People of Scotland", both Ivan and Sherry can trace their ancestry to Scotland. Albannach Acres is a small family owned stable near the town of Drayton. We offer a non-competitive environment where the leisure rider can spend hours enjoying the companionship of their equine partner. Owned and operated by Ivan and Sherry, Albannach Acres offers peace and serenity for you and your horse. Located 5 minutes from Drayton, 20 mins from Arthur, Elmira, Elora and Fergus, 30 mins from K-W. Ride on private forest trails or hack along quiet country roads.

Our goal is to offer a boarding facility that offers the medieval enthusiast a playground where they can improve their skills as well as a place where the pleasure rider can enjoy private trails and a relaxed non-competitive environment.


Ivan Riding Ebony

Ivan has always had a love of horses. This was inspired by his love of chivalry and all things related to knights. His dream is to learn to joust. He has joined the international jousting association to achieve this.

He spent summers on an uncle's farm as a child where he owned his first pony. As he grew older his interest was put to the side as other things took up more of his time. It was only after Ivan turned 35 that his passion was reignited. He purchased Ebony a Percheron/Friesian mare and took a few riding lessons.

Ivan loves spending time out in the field with his horses and looks forward to continuing to improve his horsemanship. He has many plans for the farm and is continually improving the property.

He enrolled in the University of Guelph's Equestrian Science program and earned his Equestrian Science Certificate with distinction in the spring of 2011. These courses covered subjects such as Nutrition, Health and disease prevention and management of the environment. He is planning on continuing to take courses to earn his Diploma in Equestrian Science.

Ivan can trace his ancestry to Clan MacLeod.

Clan MacLeod

Clan macleod Crest Bulls head with 2 flags surounded by a belt in a circle with the moto Hold Fast

The sons of Leod. The fascinating origins of the clan can be traced to Leod, who was born about 1200, the son of Olaf the Black, King of Man and the Isles. Leod married the daughter and heiress of MacRaild about the year 1220. Through his son, Tormod, came the MacLeods of Harris, Dunvegan and Glenelg, and through his second son, Torquil, came the MacLeods of Lewis. Throughout the centuries MacLeods have been known for their devotion to their chief, the tenacity with which they have maintained the ancient Dunvegan castle, their appreciation of music and Gaelic lore, their outstanding record in the professions, and their loyalty to one another. A Clan is not just one family, but a collection of families.


Sherry Riding Dundee

Sherry has recently found the joy of riding and looks forward to spending more time in the saddle. She loves taking Dundee out for short walks around the property. She has recently completed a course on caring for horses and taken riding lessons.

Sherry can trace her ancestry to Clan Fraser

Clan Fraser

Clan Fraser Crest Stags head surounded by a belt in a circle with the moto Je Suis Prest

Clan Fraser (Scottish Gaelic: Clann Frisealach, French: Clan Fraiser) is a Scottish clan of French origin. The Clan has been strongly associated with Inverness and the surrounding area since the Clan's founder gained lands there in the 13th century. Since its founding, the Clan has dominated local politics and been active in every major military conflict involving Scotland. It has also played a considerable role in most major political turmoils. 'Fraser' remains the most prominent family name within the Inverness area.