Albannach Acres Equestrian Boarding Facility

Medieval Mounted Games


Albannach Acres is proud to host Dame Jaclyn Ziemniak and Sir Joshua Knowles of Knight School Inc. as they teach Medieval mounted games!
Both sessions may be attended in one day, but we generally recommend students space out the training as becoming a Knight is multifaceted and intensive. Attending both clinics in one day is not for the faint of heart and requires physical endurance, but as always, we work at the speed our pairs are comfortable with and can take breaks to accommodate any mental or physical fatigue our human/equine partnerships may encounter.

  • • Open to riders 16 and above. ALL riding disciplines welcome!
  • • Maximum of 8 participants / session
  • • Waiver must be signed prior to participation.
  • • BYOH - Bring your own horse (There is ample room to trailer/setup)
  • • All Riders must dress appropriately to participate! Riding helmets are mandatory!

What to bring:

Your horse and tack, Riding Helmet, Gloves, Riding Boots, a packed lunch, and dress appropriately for the weather. Please bring/drink lots of water!

Cost to Participate:

$125.00 for one session, $200.00 if you sign up for both sessions ($50 discount!) 50% nonrefundable deposit required upon booking.

About Knight School Inc.

Jaclyn Ziemniak is Canada’s only female full contact jouster with 20+ years experience as an equestrian. Jaclyn also holds numerous first aid and safety certifications and is a nationally certified instructor/trainer. Jaclyn has spent her entire career in athletic management & programming and is a passionate mentor.

Joshua Knowles is the champion of History Channel’s “Full Metal Jousting”, a full contact jouster, and an avid equestrian for over 20 years. Joshua also has a background in theatrical jousting, choregraphed stunts and combat, and regimented training systems as a Senior Knight at Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, SC. Joshua is certified in first aid as well.

We have created a program specifically tailored to share history while sharing our passion for empowerment through sport! At Knight School Inc. we teach Medieval mounted games to riders of ANY discipline (western pleasure, dressage, hunter, reigning, etc.) which can accommodate ANY age (16+) and facilitates ALL ranges of ability. We work slowly at the pace of our student/horse partnerships, building confidence while always ensuring safety remains the top priority. Students will learn a variety of period specific games as well as basic list etiquette and protocol in a fun, welcoming, and non-judgemental environment. Knight School Inc. prides itself on creating safe spaces and ensuring equity and fair treatment for all our human participants as well as their equine counterparts. Come join us for a life altering experience, where you can become a Knight in an afternoon!

Morning Session (9am—12pm)

Introduction to Medieval Mounted Games
This will be an introductory clinic for those interested in mounted Medieval sport. Students begin with padded weapons at a walk, always proceeding at the pace they and their mount are most comfortable with. Games progress steadily until students can confidently throw a sharpened spear into a target at a canter. Session will include:

  • - List Etiquette & Protocol
  • - Lance Control
  • - Catching Rings
  • - Spear Throw
  • - Shield & Lance Intro

** All Introduction to MMG clinic participants must have an intermediate riding level, with a solid grasp of walk, trot, canter, turning, and, of course, stopping. During this clinic we will be adding new movements to these basic foundational skills. **

Afternoon Session (1pm—4pm)

Advancing Medieval Mounted Games
This clinic is for those who have completed the Intro to MMG clinic either in the morning session or at an earlier date. Advancing classes, as the name would imply, work at advancing your skills. Once again, we work at the speed of the participants, with those confident in basic skills working towards mastery. New games and skills will be added as horse and rider pairs demonstrate the ability to safely progress. Session may include:

  • - Refining skills learned in IMMG clinic
  • - Quintain (w/ and w/o shield)
  • - Mounted Sword – “Head Chop”
  • - Mounted Lance & Shield
  • - Rings (Big & Little)
  • - Flags
  • - Relay
  • - Light Armor Jousting

You may register for the afternoon class ONLY if you have:
  • A.) Previously attended a Knight School Inc. IMMG clinic at any location.
  • B.) Attended the morning IMMG clinic.



Free! The more the…Medievaler?! Please come join us! If we have piqued your curiosity, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Please wear appropriate footwear, regardless of if you will be participating! No open toed shoes! Please wear boots, if possible, as we will be on a farm, and it can become muddy if we experience inclement weather.

We may also take some volunteers from our auditors to act as brave “Squires”, helping to ensure safety and learning through participation in true Medieval fashion. Come see what Knight life is all about!